The carpet of your home attracts a lot of dirty stains and spills inside it. Every homeowner knows the importance of cleaning their carpets. The traditional way of best carpet cleaning method includes the use of soap and water to scrub the stains.

However, the modern way includes different methods for cleaning your carpet. Some of them are Hot-water extraction, Carpet shampooing, Dry carpet cleaning, and many more. From all of these, selecting the best carpet cleaning method is difficult. 

Hence, here are the top three carpet cleaning methods that are widely used.

Choose Best Carpet Cleaning Method Suitable For Your  Carpet Fabric

1. Hot-Water Extraction

Hot-Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning is a popular and effective carpet cleaning method. Here the cleaning of carpet is done using the hot water that has 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature.

The hot water with high pressure is sprayed on the carpet to loosen all the dirt particles in it. Then the dirt that came out is sucked through a vacuum cleaner and stored in a holding tank.

Hot water kills all the bacteria and fungi from your carpet. So it is considered as one of the best deep cleaning methods. 
However, professionals use truck-mounted hot water extraction units to provide this type of carpet cleaning service at your home.

2. Carpet Shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is the oldest carpet cleaning method. In this technique, professionals apply a carpet cleaning shampoo on the carpet. Then they scrub the solution until foam occurs on the carpet.

The solution is left to dry on the carpet. After it dries, the solution becomes fragile. And it automatically separates from the carpet fibers. Then they clean the remaining dirt and waste with a vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, the shampoo cleaning method can be done on your own without the help of professionals. But, you need to use a perfect shampoo suitable for your carpet fabric and in the right amount to avoid discoloration.

3. Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method uses only a dry powder to remove the stains from your carpet. It doesn’t include water in the cleaning process.

The dry powder is an absorptive mixture consisting of a detergent, solvent and very small amount of water in it.

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Professionals sprinkle this dry powder on your carpet through the rotating machines. Allow the powder to settle inside the carpet fibers for 15 minutes.

Then using a vacuum cleaner, they remove all the dirt and powder accumulated on the carpet.

This method is best if you do not wish to wet your carpet for cleaning it.

Grab Your Best Carpet Cleaning Method With The Help of Professionals!

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