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Our low-moisture, the orbital cleaning system can take on any floor.


Denver Pro’s Very Low Moisture system (VLM) has the ability to clean any type of carpet and flooring in any situation and also leaving it as dry as possible so your floors are ready to use immediately.

Our State of the Art Orbital Multi-Surface System is Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as a Deep Cleaning System and with patented dual-action the system generates a powerful form of agitation that delivers superior results in all professional deep and interim cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping and polishing applications.

Denver Pro’s Very Low Moisture System (VLM)

Our process was designed in mind to support a healthy indoor environment. Carpets will simply be clean, vibrant in color and dry within minutes. The system will eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to mold growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds (VOC), insufficient drying times, recurring stains and safety hazards.

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Denver Pro’s Very Low Moisture system (VLM) system uses 80% less the amount of water opposed to other water extraction methods. Therefore, over-wet carpets will never be an issue. The problems associated with over-wet carpets are intensified in a heavily used or Office setting. Over-wet carpets require longer drying times. This can cause large sections of a building to be blocked off for extended periods of time. Especially in a school, hospital or commercial building this can lead to serious safety issues.

People walking from a wet or damp carpet directly onto a hard-surface floor can slip or fall. Also, wet carpets that are walked on will almost always re-soil more quickly. This is because the chemicals and moisture act as a magnet, pulling dirt and debris into the carpet fibers.

Simply put, what falls to the floor like common dust, pollutants and many things that we breathe, tends to stay on the floor until it is cleaned. Properly maintaining the cleanliness of the floors by using the ORBIT low-moisture system will lead to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment that can be seen, smelt and felt to believe.

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Oscar is a natural.. it speaks volumes when my wife comes home and the first thing she says is…. “you know, the carpet feels so fluffy as if every fiber was individually cleaned. That guy before him who did the last cleaning? Shouldn’t even be in the business.” Will be getting Oscar back on a job early next year as we have a couple of more rooms that need doing.

Jake Joseph