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How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaner?

Carpets add beauty and style with different types of designs and colors to your home. They also help to improve the air quality of your home and give you warmth and comfort. But after daily usage on the carpet with foot traffic, dander, spills of coffee, and dust mites, they become dirty. Removing dirt from the carpets is harder than you thought as vacuuming doesn’t give you the best results. However, hiring professional carpet cleaning services will help you to clean and remove all types of stains from your carpet. The experts use highly advanced tools and cleaning products to restore the original look and feel of your carpet. After a professional cleaning, your carpet becomes shinier and germ-free for a long time. Cleaning your carpet at home by DIY methods may damage its fabric and color. So, learn here the tips on how to find the best carpet cleaner.

Tips To Find The Best Carpet Cleaner

1. Search For Local Cleaning Services:

When you are searching for professional carpet cleaning services, it is advisable to go for a local search. For that, you can check the updates in the newspaper or on the internet. As, long-distance professionals may charge high, so try to avail local services only.

2. Be Clear and Precise:

Be specific about what you want during the cleaning of your carpet. If you want eco-friendly products, then mention them in your google search. You also can contact professionals directly and ask them for the services they are offering. Also, be clear about the number of cleaning services.

3. Don’t Go For Cheap Services:

While obtaining any cleaning services, quality matters more than price. Great quality always comes with a unique price. You must know what services you exactly want while you are paying to get good quality carpet cleaning.

4. Compare Reviews:

When you search online for cleaning services first you should check its reviews. Bad reviews may give you a clear picture of the service provider. If you get good and satisfying professional services, then your money will be worth spending against it.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

The carpet of your home attracts a lot of dirty stains and spills inside it. Every homeowner knows the importance of cleaning their carpets. The traditional way of best carpet cleaning method includes the use of soap and water to scrub the stains. However, the modern way includes different methods for cleaning your carpet. Some of them are Hot-water extraction, Carpet shampooing, Dry carpet cleaning, and many more. From all of these, selecting the best carpet cleaning method is difficult. Hence, here are the top three carpet cleaning methods that are widely used.

Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Method Suitable For Your  Carpet Fabric!

1. Hot-Water Extraction

Hot-Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning is a popular and effective carpet cleaning method. Here the cleaning of the carpet is done using the hot water that has 150-475 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. The hot water with high pressure is sprayed on the carpet to loosen all the dirt particles in it. Then the dirt that came out is sucked through a vacuum cleaner and stored in a holding tank. Hot water kills all the bacteria and fungi from your carpet. So it is considered one of the best deep cleaning methods. However, professionals use truck-mounted hot water extraction units to provide this type of carpet cleaning service at your home.

2. Carpet Shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is the oldest carpet cleaning method. In this technique, professionals apply a carpet cleaning shampoo on the carpet. Then they scrub the solution until foam occurs on the carpet. The solution is left to dry on the carpet. After it dries, the solution becomes fragile. And it automatically separates from the carpet fibers. Then they clean the remaining dirt and waste with a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the shampoo cleaning method can be done on your own without the help of professionals. But, you need to use a perfect shampoo suitable for your carpet fabric and in the right amount to avoid discoloration.

3. Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method uses only a dry powder to remove the stains from your carpet. It doesn’t include water in the cleaning process. The dry powder is an absorptive mixture consisting of a detergent, solvent, and a very small amount of water. Professionals sprinkle this dry powder on your carpet through the rotating machines. Allow the powder to settle inside the carpet fibers for 15 minutes. Then using a vacuum cleaner, they remove all the dirt and powder accumulated on the carpet. This method is best if you do not wish to wet your carpet for cleaning it.

What Types Of Carpet Are Easiest To Keep Clean?

Well, there are a lot of things to look up while answering this question. To keep your carpets clean and maintain, it is necessary to clean them regularly to increase their life. Although, some carpets are quite tough and stand for long. You can check the carpet’s quality at the time of buying. Choose a carpet having dense fibers. Try to fold the carpet, if you can see the backing of the carpet it means that the carpet is not of good quality.

Easy To Clean Carpets!

1. Nylon

When it comes to strength nylon wins easily. It is the strongest fiber of carpets. It is resistant to molding, rot, chemicals, etc. It is a long-lasting fiber and you can also dye it.

2. Wool

Wool carpet fibers are dense and soft. However, dense fibers also hide soils and need to clean frequently. The wool carpets require high maintenance.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic fibers are strong and resistant to mildew, moisture, UV rays, and staining. Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers and they also feel like wool. However, they are not durable like woolen fibers.

4. Olefin

Olefin fibers are abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. They can be used in high-traffic areas as they are quite strong and can handle moisture as well.

5. Polyester

Polyester fibers look luxurious but they are not strong enough to be used in high-traffic areas. They are quite easy to clean as they are abrasion resistant and water-soluble stain resistant. Whether your carpet fibers are easy to clean or not. It is highly recommended to regularly clean them by professionals, there are a lot of benefits of quality carpet cleaning services.

Which is The Best Season To Opt Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets add life to the room with their vibrant colors and warmth, that’s why cleaning them regularly is important. However, different seasons entail unique sets of problems for the carpets. Instead of dealing with carpets yourself, opt for professional carpet cleaning services. Professionals have commercial appliances and products that give effective results and are safe to use. Moreover, the professionals are knowledgeable and know what problems occur on carpets when the season changes. In this blog, you will learn which seasons are perfectly suited to opt for carpet cleaning services in Aurora.

Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning As Per The Season

• Spring

Spring arrives after the cold winter season, thus everyone opens up their homes to bring fresh air and sunlight. However, dust, dirt, allergens, and pollen also enter along with the fresh air. Some of these get filtered through the HVAC system, but most of it remains in the air and settles on carpets, upholstery, flooring, etc. When it rains, the shoes bring in the mud and dirt inside and on the carpet. It is common when you have kids or pets at home. Removing your shoes when you enter the house helps minimize dust and simplify the carpet cleaning process for the professionals.

• Summer

Summers are times for picnics, traveling, camping, and doing many outdoor activities. With most of the people out of the house, it is a perfect opportunity to call in professionals to clean the carpets. However, which season is best to get your carpet cleaned is totally up to you and the condition of your carpet.

• Fall

Getting your carpet cleaned in fall work as the festive season is just around the corner. So before the guests, friends, and family arrive, give your carpet a complete makeover with professional cleaning. It gives a great first impression on your guests and family.

• Winters

There is an ongoing debate over whether to clean the carpets before or after the holiday season. Many people prefer to get the carpet cleaned after the holiday season. With guests and family around, accidents are bound to happen. So the best time of the year to get the carpet cleaned would be right after the holiday season.

How Long Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Take?

Carpets are an important and expensive household item. They add style, color, and elegance to the living room, even keep your house floor warm. Besides that, it also smooths out noise when we walk on it. Carpets come in various types, textures, and materials. Thus, the cleaning process also varies accordingly. So, different processes take different amounts of time to clean the carpet. In this blog, you will get to know how long does professional carpet cleaning takes to get a clean look.

Conditions Influencing The Time To Clean By Professional Carpet Cleaning

On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to clean a room. Most professionals take an hour to deep-clean two rooms in one go. This time may increase up to 75-85 minutes also if you include other areas of the house for deep cleaning. Below mentioned are the conditions influencing how long does professional carpet cleaning services take to deep-clean a carpet.

A. Type of Cleaning Method

The more dirt and grime present in the carpet, the more time will be required to clean the carpet. So, vacuum the carpet regularly if you want to lessen the deep cleaning time. Vacuuming cleans the surface of the carpet effectively.

B. State of The Carpet

The more dirt and grime present in the carpet, the more time will be required to clean the carpet. So, vacuum the carpet regularly if you want to lessen the deep cleaning time. Vacuuming cleans the surface of the carpet effectively.

C. Size of The Carpet

Bigger carpets take more time to clean than smaller ones. Moreover, carpets that are attached to the flooring will also take more time than detachable ones.


We all know how important carpets are to us. So, when it comes to taking care of them, we don’t leave any stone unturned. So, times, when vacuuming doesn’t remove all the stains and debris, stuck inside the carpet, hiring professional carpet cleaning services makes sense. This blog takes everyone on the journey on how to select the carpet cleaning services for yourself, to identify the carpet cleaning methods, and carpet types. Besides all of this information, you also get to learn about which season is suitable for carpet cleaning and what condition forces you to call a professional. If you are looking for a trustworthy professional carpet cleaner in Aurora? Then, Denver Pros is the correct pick for you. Our in-house trained and experienced carpet cleaner uses superior tools and environment-friendly cleaning solutions to clean your carpets. We believe in commitment to quality and therefore we go the extra mile to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. Call us at (303) 317-5557 to avail of our top-notch carpet cleaning services. Also, become a part of our Instagram family to always be updated with what’s new at Denver Pros.
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