Carpets are an important and expensive household item. They add style, color, and elegance to the living room, even keep your house floor warm. Besides that, it also smooths out noise when we walk on it.

Carpets come in various types, textures, and materials. Thus, the cleaning process of them also varies accordingly. So, different processes take different amounts of time to clean the carpet.

In this blog, you will get to know how long does professional carpet cleaning takes to get a clean look.

Conditions Influencing The Time To Clean By Professional Carpet Cleaning

On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to clean a room. Most professionals take an hour to deep-clean two rooms in one go. This time may increase up to 75-85 minutes also if you include other areas of the house for deep cleaning.

Below mentioned are the conditions influencing how long does professional carpet cleaning take to deep-clean a carpet.

a. Type of Cleaning Method

There are mainly two types of carpet cleaning processes; steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is a faster cleaning process when compared to steam cleaning.

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b. State of The Carpet

The more dirt and grime present in the carpet, the more time will be required to clean the carpet. So, vacuum the carpet regularly if you want to lessen the deep cleaning time. Vacuuming cleans the surface of the carpet effectively.

c. Size of The Carpet

Bigger carpets take more time to clean than the smaller ones. Moreover, carpets that are attached to the flooring will also take more time than detachable ones.

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