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Can Dirty Air Vents Make You Sick: 4 Reasons Why

More often than not, you quite forget air duct cleaning to be put on the regular cleaning and maintaining list. This negligence costs you by putting your family’s safety at risk. It also makes you wonder, can dirty air vents make you sick. The simple answer to this question is, yes, it definitely can. Unclean air vents not only create problems in the HVAC system but also make the quality of indoor air bad. You and your loved ones inhale this poor quality of air which has negative effects on your health. Let’s inspect how dirty air vents affect our health.

4 Ways That Dirty Air Duct Affect Your Health

1. Falling Sick Every Few Days Because of Allergies or Asthma

Dirty vents are one of the major causes of an increase in allergies or asthma attacks in your family members. Because the air vents are dirty, more impurities enter the indoor air. These impurities contain a high extent of allergens and pollen in it, which trigger skin rashes and eye irritation. Regular air duct cleaning suppresses impurities from entering the air, thus preventing you from allergies and other pulmonary conditions.

2. Start Developing Respiratory Problems

If your family members are falling victim to coughing, sneezing, cold, fever, sore throat, nasal infections, etc at a very frequent rate. They may suffer from an acute case of respiratory infections because of dirty air vents. If you still leave the air vents uncleaned, the respiratory infections can become deadly and can cause severe damage to the lungs.

3. Trigger Sinus Attack

An increase in bacteria and viruses in the air can increase the chances of triggering sinus attacks within your family members. These viruses attach themselves to sinuses, thus prompting the increase and spread of infection.

4. Arise Rodent and Insect Infestation

Rodents and pests breed faster in dirtier places which can be a cause of sickness to you and your family. They carry diseases and spread them throughout the house, which causes a series of health problems.

Air Duct Cleaning Service That Lets Flow of Clean and Fresh Air!

Since you know the answer to can dirty air vents makes you sick, it’s time to get them cleaned professionally. For that aspect, Denver Pros in Aurora presents amazing air duct cleaning services that eliminate all the impurities which cause you to fall sick. We deliver top-most quality service to our both residential and commercial clients with utmost care and safety. Connect to us at (303) 317 5557 and get a FREE quote on Air Duct Cleaning. You can also follow us on Instagram to know more tips and tricks.
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