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Beware Of Common Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Cleaning your Air Ducts is a great way to start fresh, especially if it has been over 4 years since you last had your Ducts Cleaned, a newly built house, a recent a remodel or if you took care of a pest problem or leak near your vents. Avoiding scammers will not only help you save time and money, but it will also allow you to connect with the true expert that you can trust for years ahead.

Air Duct Cleaning Deals

BEWARE! The “BEST PRICE” Almost Always Fails To Deliver The Best Quality… Period!

–  Oscar, Denver Pros Owner.

Some of the Red Flags to tell if you are getting scammed!

→ Mold Warnings

Untrustworthy air duct cleaners may just use scare tactics to get you to sign up for either one-time or ongoing air duct cleanings. But as the EPA noted, a Professional mold inspection is necessary before hiring someone to remove said mold. True professionals will expect you to go through the proper channels and double-check their work before spending the money—while scammers may push you to sign on the spot.

→ Unbelievable Rates

That old phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” comes into play here. Illegitimate air duct cleaners love to outbid their competitors for offering “whole house duct cleaning” for $99.00 or even at $299.00 In some cases, these deals simply help them get in the door to upsell you for unrelated work or do a quick and unthorough job before disappearing.

→ Blow-And-Go Scam

This old scam has happened so many times that it’s earned a nickname. Blow-and-go scams simply involve the “Professional” coming into your home with a shop vac, quickly vacuuming your vents, and hitting the road for the next house. Reputable experts should inspect all the various parts of your system, not just the vents themselves. It will take one technician an average of 4 hours to properly clean a typical 2500 sq. ft two story home.

→ Bait and Switch Approach

Similar to blow-and-go, the infamous bait-and-switch adds unwanted services on top of what you already agreed to pay. While the advertised price may have looked like it included all your vents, the scammer may claim that the rate only covered a small part of the system. By the time the work is done, you’re paying far more than originally expected. Always be sure to read the small print on flyers and ask them to clarify their contracts before they show up at your door.

Always make sure that the professional provides you with an in writing estimate with all inclusions and exclusions listed before the you hire them and please report any unscrupulous and bait-and-switch tactics to the Colorado Secretary of State and the Better Business Bureau immediately.

Here are a few questions to ask and to qualify your Duct Cleaning Professional:

  • What is your Business physical Address and Phone Number?
  • What is your Website and e-Mail Address?
  • How many Years of Experience do you have?
  • What Cleaning Method do you use?
  • Are all the Vents and Returns included?
  • Do you clean both Trunk Lines? Furnace? Plenums?
  • What is the Cleaning approximate time of completion?
  • What is Excluded in your quoted amount?
  • What are the Extra Fees or Charges I should be aware of?
  • Could you email me an in-writing estimate?
  • Do you Subcontract your Jobs?
  • Could you email me proof of Liability Insurance?
  • What is your Guarantee?

Social Media Scams:

  • The post says “Believe my work not my words”. it’s a scam.
  • They refuse to provide a company name in the classified post and always ask to message privately. Legitimate businesses want their name out to the public to showcase their services.
  • Scammers provide a company name via a personal message such as “Duct Cleaning in your city” or “Duct Cleaners”. Their names are very generic to the Duct Cleaning term and are impossible to track them online.
  • They occasionally provide local address and a phone number on these posts but they cannot be found on search engines.
  • The Social Media account is relativity new. This is one of the biggest and easiest red flags to spot when it comes to a scam.
  • Their Social Media account is locked down. No friends, posts, photos can be seen.
  • The scammer uses the word “kindly”. Example: Kindly message me to tell you more about their service and or pricing. 

Get Genuine Professional Air Duct Cleaning In Aurora!

Try not get discouraged by fly-by scammers from having your ducts cleaned at all despite these Unethical practices. Check Google and other sources for reviews and make sure the contractor is stablished locally!

You can still find a Trustworthy, Local and highly trained Professionals like Denver Pros to do the job right just by doing a little bit of research instead of falling for an Unbelievable low prices. 

Denver Pros coms with a 60 Day satisfaction and on-time arrival guarantee or 15% off if we’re late! 10+ years in business. Fully insured. Top-rated on Google and many other platforms! 

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