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Does Your Floor Need To Be Re-coated?

Your floor cannot be recoated and will need to have a complete refinish IF …

  • Areas of your floor have been worn down to the bare wood
  • The floor has deep stains or color differences in the wood
  • There’s chipping or peeling
If these signs are not readily apparent, you can use this simple test to determine what care your floors need Take this simple test

Find a high traffic area where the finish is likely to be the most worn, and pour a tablespoon of water onto the floor.

  • If the water beads up and you can wipe it without a trace, the finish is still working and you don’t need to do anything just yet.
  • If the water slowly soaks into the wood floor, creating a moderately darkish spot, the floor is partially worn. You may be able to get away with recoating. Consult your wood flooring contractor for the best course of action.
  • If the water immediately disappears into the wood leaving an obvious dark spot, it’s time to refinish the floor.
For routine cleaning of wood floors by sweeping and vacuuming along with the use of Squeaky Cleaner will maintain the floor’s original appearance.
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