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How Do Professionals Execute High Rise Window Cleaning

The tall commercial building areas such as hotels, condominiums, shopping malls, and universities have high rise windows. Because of daily dust circulation in the air, these windows attract a lot of dirt and stains them. Then, how to execute a high rise window cleaning? The best answer is to hire professional window cleaning services for your commercial building. The high rise window cleaners use specialized equipment and products to remove all hard water stains, dust, and salt residues. But, there are many other factors to be considered while doing high rise window cleaning. These factors include the shape and design of your high rise commercial building or obstacles like trees and parking lots.

Learn How The Professional Do High Rise Window Cleaning

The professional high rise window cleaners take proper safety training. They need to be insured for their life in advance. While cleaning, they are attached to two separate security lines that are anchored on the building roof. Another major concern is the safety of people and property on the ground floor until the window is cleaned. In the beginning, window cleaners stand on the window ledges and hold the window frame for support. Any of the 3 methods suitable for your high rise window is applied for cleaning.
  • Bosun’s chair is the modern equipment for window cleaning, consisting of a single washer. This chair is used to sit on the rope and also to adjust the position while cleaning. It offers access to tight areas of your window construction and is good for prolonged window cleaning.
  • Boom is the permanent system fixed on the building roof and used by a group of people as it contains multiple washers. It is the oldest and most commonly used window cleaning trick. The figure below shows the boom window cleaning method.
  • Carriage is also a better option for high-rise window cleaning. Here, the carriage is mounted on the top of a rail on the roof. It allows the carriage to move left and right over a window dressing. It also has multiple washers mechanism.
Based on the factors affecting the cleaning of your high-rise windows, professionals choose the best appropriate method.

Grab The Chance of Professional High Rise Window Cleaning!

We at Denver Pros provide prime window cleaning services for high-rise windows in Aurora, CA and its nearby areas. We acquire years of experience in this service and also have well-trained professional staff. Our experts use a suitable cleaning method for your commercial area and restore the shine of your windows. To schedule your appointment with us, call at (303) 317-5557Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram social pages to learn daily window cleaning tips and tricks.
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