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How To Remove Stains From Your Upholstery?

Fabric sofa always looks great in everyone’s house. But it is very normal to find stains on upholstery after festive months. For that, there are various methods available that can help you in removing those stains. It is very important to remove the stains immediately from the upholstery fabric as soon as it occurs. Before removing the stains expert advice to always consult the tag on which some universal codes would be given; like ”S” for solvent, “W” for water, and “S/W” for solvent and water.

Universal Tips To Remove Stains From Your Upholstery

  1. Always prefer tags attached to upholstery, because it will guide you to the right method to remove stains from your upholstery.
  2. Use a dry and soft brush with natural bristles to remove the loose particles from the upholstery. It loosens stains and brings particles on the surface.
  3. Before scrubbing your upholstery, you can use a vacuum to remove stains and collect the small particles.
  4. Always prefer the solvent which is suitable or advisable for your fabric. Do not use more liquids as it spreads the stains all over the upholstery.


Keeping your fabric sofa or any upholstered furniture clean or without stain, it is recommended to take proper precautions on time. With the help of these tips, you can remove stains from your upholstery and maintain the fabric just like new. If you are not sure how to clean or you have deep stains you can hire professionals for upholstery cleaning. Denver Pros offers upholstery cleaning services in Aurora, Centennial, and all nearby areas. Reach us at call or text us at (303) 317-5557. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.
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