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Upholstered furniture is the heart of every home as it renders comfort to your friends, relatives, or family. But what if it is dirty or mucky? Isn’t it compromise the warmness of your home? Over time, dust contaminants get accumulated inside the upholstered furniture. To restore the original look of your chair or sofa, it is vital to opt for a professional furniture cleaning service provider. If you are looking for a renowned and experienced upholstery cleaning expert, then Denver Pros is your definite choice. Over the years, we have been delivering the best cleaning services to our clients in Aurora, CO. Whether you want tips for cleaning fabric sofa or couch cleaning tips, our skilled and qualified staff is always ready to help assist you with all your upholstery cleaning needs.

What Do We Include In Our Upholstery Cleaning Process? 

1. Examination

Our professional furniture cleaning service cleaners inspect the upholstery fabric and then decide on which cleaning technique suits the best.

2. Vacuuming

We ensure to remove all the dust pollutants and loose particles from your upholstered furniture through vacuuming.

3. Apply Solution

Depending on your upholstery fabric type, we apply a solution. All our furniture cleaners are eco-friendly causing no damage.

4. Steam Cleaning

We steam upholstered furniture to remove dirt or bacteria accumulated inside the fabric. This technique eliminates 99.9% germs.

5. Neutralizing

To maintain the soft and fresh feel of your furniture, we neutralized the upholstery by balancing the pH level using a specialized solution.

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