Save both your dollars $$$ and house fires hiring dryer vent cleaning service. 

Experts know how to deal with every situation related to dryer vent cleaning. They even use proven techniques and methods to eliminate dirt from your dryer duct. 

But why cleaning a dryer vent is so important?

Did you know that in most of the properties the main reason for fires is the lint-filled dryer duct-work? Also, a dirty dryer duct can charge you more on electricity bills.

Therefore, it becomes vital to opt for regular dryer vent cleaning by professionals.

Looking for dryer duct cleaning near me? No one is better than Denver Pros – the renowned company to clean the dryer vent duct system

Why Denver Pros For Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

Over the years of experience, we have been providing quality dryer vent cleaning service to our clients in Aurora, CO. With us, you can not only save dollars but also restrict dryer fire hazards

How We Clean Your Dirty Dryer Vent? 

We are committed to protecting homeowners and the environment. Thus, we use the safest cleaning equipment and methods so that it causes no damage. Below is our satisfactory procedure for duct and dryer vent cleaning. 

dryer vent cleaning

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Process Includes:

  • We use a mechanical brush that is attached to a flexible cable through the duct system. Using that we clean the connector hose. 
  • After that, we supply the proper air pressure through the ducting to remove lint residue after brushing. 
  • Once all the lint residue comes out of your duct system. We clean the lint trap screen vacuum. 
  • Also, we check the exhaust pressure of the outside vent once we brush the duct system. 

We are the specialist in cleaning dryer vent in the wall. So, the next time when you need to hire dryer vent cleaning service, then don’t forget to call us at (303) 317-5557

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