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Rare-known Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clean clothes, linens, bed sheets, and other items are some basic needs in any household. Thus, it makes dryer vents a much needed appliance at home. But, this appliance can also become dangerous if not cleaned regularly. There’s no problem to clean the dryer vent on your own, if you have sufficient technical knowledge. But if you don’t, then it’s better to hire professional dryer vent cleaning services for best and effective results. However, still left with a question: how do you know when the dryer vent needs cleaning? So, to help you, read below to know the major signs you need dryer vent cleaning.

Four Major Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

♦ Increase In Drying Time

The most common sign that shows your dryer vent needs cleaning is the increase in drying time. If your dryer vent is taking more time to dry a single load, that means there’s a problem in it. So, get your dryer vent checked out by a professional to know the problem and get it repaired.

♦ Burning Smell In Clothes and Around Dryer Vent

The reason this happens is lint present in the dryer vent. Dryer lint are flammable in nature. These burning smells indicate that the lint stuck inside the dryer lint hose is getting hot. If this situation is not solved immediately, it may also cause a dryer vent fire.

♦ Increase in Energy Bills

Increase in energy bills can be due to many reasons. But, if you compare them with the energy consumption of the dryer vent, you’ll notice the problem in the machine. To keep the energy bill at the lower side, get dryer vent cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

♦ Rise in Temperature In Laundry Room

When the dryer vent gets clogged up, the heat produced in the vent can’t disperse off. This heat causes an increase in the temperature inside and around the dryer vent. That’s why it feels so hot in the laundry room. To avoid this situation, professionals remove all the clogged up lint from the dryer vents.

Get Professional Help When Your Dryer Vent Is Troubling You!

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