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What Type of Carpet Is Best For Stairs?

If you are living in a double-story house, then having stairs is common. It gets dirty because of everyday walking. To maintain your stairs in good condition, while avoiding sudden falls, it is important to get the perfect carpet. Now you must think about what type of carpet is best for stairs? Don’t worry! Here is the blog, including different types of carpet fibers suitable for your stairs.

What Type of Carpet Is Best For Stairs?

There are many types of carpet in the market available in different colors, designs, and patterns. Choose the one that suits your home style and decor. One of the most vital elements to consider while picking a carpet for stairs is the fiber. This is because it depicts the safety of your family members being slip-resistant and soil-resistant. The following are the types of carpet fibers for your stairs.

1. Nylon

Cream coloured carpet background, close up
Your stairs deserve something which is durable and stain-resistant. Here we are talking about nylon carpet fiber. If you have small kids and pets around, then this carpet is the best choice.

2. Polyester

carpet choose
If you want to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, then polyester carpet fiber is a definite choice. It is luxurious and has a wonderful selection of colors and styles. Works best in homes with minor foot traffic.

3. Olefin

To avoid the growth of mold, you need something which is moisture resistant. Having a carpet on stairs can help in avoiding mold from your home. But, what type of carpet is best for stairs? Olefin carpet fiber is the moisture resistant and best suited for dense cut piles. Once you have made your mind on choosing the best carpet for your stairs, it’s time for you to think about cleaning and maintenance.

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