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Why Vacuuming Is Not A Replacement For Carpet Cleaning?

Most people vacuum their carpets once or twice a week as it helps to prolong their lifespan. However, your carpet is under the strain of high traffic. Therefore, you have to clean them more frequently. But the question is, does vacuuming alone can keep your carpets clean? Well, the answer is, no! Vacuuming doesn’t remove the debris trapped inside the carpet fibers. In this case, professional carpet cleaning is what you need. So let’s understand why vacuuming is not a replacement for carpet cleaning.

4 Reason Why Vacuuming Can’t Match-Up With Carpet Cleaning

1. Deep Clean

Vacuuming helps to clear out the dirt particles from the surface of the carpets. However, it is not capable enough to provide deep cleaning of the carpets. We all know that improper cleaning can result in the build-up of contaminants which can cause many severe problems.

2. Odors

With pets and kids at home, you obviously have to deal with cleaning more often. Pets and kids make a mess alike which sometimes is hard to clean up with just a vacuum cleaning machine. Their mess often leaves behind the odor, which you can get rid of only by hiring professional carpet cleaners.

3. Stains & Spots

Spills happen all the time, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Coffee, wine stains are tough to get rid of by just vacuuming as they need special cleaning solutions to remove them. Professional carpet cleaners have access to these cleaning solutions, thus they deliver better results than vacuuming.

4. Appearance

It is tough to restore the appearance of the carpets and it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum your carpets. In high traffic areas, carpets tend to fade faster and lose their look permanently. There are enormous benefits of quality carpet cleaning services and one of them is that they can restore the appearance of your carpet.

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