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The Air Duct Cleaning Process

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Our goal is to show you the basics of how air duct cleaning is done using Negative Air and push pull method. This entails hooking in an extremely high powered vacuum system into the ductwork to apply vacuum pressure to the ducting while using compressed air agitation tools to break up and move debris down to the vacuum system.

The Inner Workings of Your Air Duct Cleaning System

The graphic display here is a typical two story homes HVAC system, comprised of a furnace, air conditioner and ducting, to carry the heated or cooled air to different parts of the house. 

The furnace is the heart of the system. Inside the Furnace you will find a Blower which circulates the airflow a heat exchanger with regenerative coil that creates the warm air and an air conditioning coil that creates the cold air, next we have the Return air duct in blue, which is used to transfer stale air from inside your home to be filtered and either heated or cooled. 

The Supply air ducting in red is used to transfer the newly filtered heated or cooled air to all the Vents at different rooms in the house.

Step 1: Inspect the duct system.

Visual inspection of the ducts leading to the return and supply registers to assess the level of buildup in the ducts beforehand and confirm the difference after the cleaning. Check the ductwork for visible leaks or, in the case of flexible ducts, kinks.

Step 2: Set the System under negative pressure

We use the most powerful portable vacuum collection devices to remove dust and debris out of your ductwork. Continuous negative pressure allows debris and very fine particles to be removed from the duct system as they become air borne, ensuring that these are not released in to the living space when the system is turned back on after the cleaning.

  • The Technician will Hook the vacuum collection device with a large hose to the Trunk Lines close to the air handler—the lungs of your HVAC system. The technician will simply cut an 8” access point in the duct, insert the vacuum hose. 
  • The technician then will seal each vent/register with an adhesive or plastic cover. 
  • Once the technician finished these preparatory steps, he or she will turn on the vacuum unit. This step creates negative pressure, the debris and particles inside the ductwork will be sucked into the collection device as they’re broken down or blown loose.
Step 3: Breaking Contaminants Lose From Vents and Trunk Lines

Properly cleaning air ducts requires removing the sources of contamination. This begins with the use of one or more compressed air agitating tools designed to break contaminants and debris from the duct work. 

The technician will uncover each supply and return registers and proceed with the cleaning One by One. Once all of the Supply and Return registers are cleaned, the Technician will repeat this process on the Main (trunk) Supply and Return lines.

Step 4: Furnace Cleaning and Sealing Access Points

The Technician will use the same air compressed tools and vacuum to dislodge all contaminants and debris from the air handler, filter box and plenum.

At this point, your HVAC Duct System has been thoroughly cleaned. The technician will seal up both access points with 10” x 10” patch with zip screws and aluminum foil. Remove all covers from all registers and turn your system back on.

Don’t Fall for Scams!

Unscrupulous and unethical companies have been known to move on after a quick burst from an Home Depot air compressor and a spritz of “disinfectant”; this technique is largely ineffective and usually results in dust being blown back into the room. It will take one technician an average of 4 hours to properly clean a typical 2500 sq. ft two story home, therefore it does not make business sense for a Professional to charge $149.99 for a whole house cleaning. Math don’t lie : )

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