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Know About Commercial Hardwood Floor Maintenance

The flooring enhances the looks of the commercial building. Nothing looks more classy than a hardwood floor. They add an element of style to the office space. The heavy foot traffic forces the quality of commercial floors to be long-lasting. A clean environment benefits the business. The employees feel motivated to work, and the customers are impressed by the upkeep. But the good looks require proper commercial hardwood floor maintenance.

Precautions For Commercial Hardwood Floor Maintenance

You can protect the hardwood floors by taking proper care daily. By taking the following precautions, you can maintain the floors.

1. Moisture

Water and spills should be wiped immediately. Water damages the surface of the wooden floors.

2. Footwork

Footwears carry gravel and mud, which can cause dents and scratches. The staff should be instructed to wipe off their shoes on the mats before entering the premises.

3. Direct Light

Sunlight is healthy, but not for the wooden floors as constant rays fade away the shine on the top. Using blinds or curtains can be useful.

4. Lift The Furniture

Dragging the furniture will hurt the floor. It would be gentle to lift the furniture to change its place.

How To Maintain The Hardwood Floor?

Before starting the maintenance work, it is vitally important that you understand the nature of your floors. A professional inspection is recommended to assess if the floor requires any treatment, such as does the floor need to be re-coated, or regular cleaning work will have to be updated.

1. Routine Cleaning

Your cleaning staff must be doing a wonderful job. But make sure that the cleaning agents used are suitable for your floors. Dust contains rough particles which should be removed with daily dusting and mopping. You should use microfiber mops, wood-friendly cleaners, and a vacuum for regular cleaning. Most experts recommend minimal use of water on the wooden floors. So read the instructions carefully before using any floor cleaner products.

2. Furniture Padding

The movement of the furniture can result in abrasion to the floor. Having foot pads can save the floors from hurting.

3. Use Mats At All Door Entrances

Greet everyone with a beautiful mat at the entrance. The benefit is they feel good and you can save the floors from grit and moisture.

4. Apply Sealants

The application of sealants after the deep cleaning ensures the protection of your floors. It prevents dust and water from settling down and gives a shiny look.

Proficiency in Commercial Hardwood Floor Maintenance!

Proper maintenance of the floors is essential, and the business owners should invest wisely in this. The need for professional hardwood floor cleaning can be worth considering if you are looking for high standards. Denver Pros. is reliable and responsible and fully equipped to take care of your floors. We follow complete procedures for commercial hardwood floor maintenance. To know more about our refinishing process, call us at (303) 317-5557. For more updates, follow us on our Twitter page.
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