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Parker Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Denver Pros deep cleaning process removes the toughest dirt and residue, both safely and effectively. Commercial strength cleaning agents and innovative equipment lifts away buildup and rejuvenates floors for a fraction of the price it would cost to repair floors that are not professionally maintained.

Denver Pros uses a Commercial grade Floor Prep, Cleaning Machine and Cleaning Solutions to successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that weaken hardwood floors and lead to costly repair. Denver Pros intensive Cleaning Process doesn’t just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood floors. Improve your indoor air quality and circulation plus rejuvenate hardwood floors with the professional hardwood floor maintenance procedure that we provide.

We use revolutionary water-based floor finishes and sealers to create beautiful wood floors with supreme durability. Basic Coatings innovative products are superior in quality and unsurpassed in performance in performance when compared to other products.

Hardwood floor cleaning results in Parker, CO

The Greenest and Cleanest Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process!

Are Your Hardwood Floors dull & lifeless?

Carpets aren’t the only flooring that needs professional maintenance!


Hardwood floors become dull and dirty over time just like carpet, which is professionally cleaned to extend life. Basic Coatings’ Intensive Cleaning Process can breathe new life into your hardwood floors.

Professional hardwood floor maintenance can dramatically improve the appearance of wood floors and bring back their original luster.

Before and After Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Before and after hardwood floor cleaning
Hardwood floor cleaning in Parker CO
What Our Clients Say
  • 5 Star Rated

    Oscar and the team were awesome to work with! No better feeling then a clean home! We loved our clean carpets and hardwood floors. Highly recommend to everyone in need!

    Vanessa M.
  • 5 Star Rated

    Denver pros are exactly that PROS!!!!! Quality of work, value, punctual, very friendly, very responsive. Oscar is very customer-oriented, clean, friendly, and knowledgeable. I will be calling them again when the need arises.

    Ramon M.
  • 5 Star Rated

    Oscar was on time, explained what he had to do, price was on target, and he did a great job. Would highly refer and use again.

    Cherie H.
Parker Hardwood floor cleaning

Advantages to Water-Based Hardwood Floor Finish

  • DURABLE PROTECTION: Safeguard your wood flooring investment with long-lasting durability.
  • GREEN: Low VOC finish means less harmful fumes.
  • FASTER DRY TIMES: Get back on your floor in less time.
  • LESS YELLOWING: Retain a clear non-yellowing appearance.
  • NON-FLAMMABLE: Safer to use in your home.

Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning:  
Aggressively cleans Dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue contaminates.

  • Low Odor
  • Pet and Kid-friendly
  • No need to move furniture
  • Quick Drying Times

Acrylic Polish Removal + Refinish:
Aggressively cleans + refinish the floor to a uniform sheen gloss or satin.

  • Low VOC for less harmful fumes
  • Restores floors original luster
  • Floors back in use in the same day.
Wood floor cleaning by Denver Pros

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